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Kamis, 04 April 2013

Sony Ericsson W200 pinout

official cable is DCU-60

1USB +5V in USB 5V supply - not used in K750
2SP_REF Reference / GND for handsfree
3Mic+/AUXIN_L Mic + / AUX in (left)/ short with pin 4 for handsfree answer (*)
4Mic-/AUXIN_R Mic - / AUX in - (right) / short with pin 3
5DFMS/SP_L DFMS / Earphones left
6DTMS/SP_R DTMS / Earphone right
7VIDEO/STB Video / strobe
8VPPFLASH short with pin 9 via R=130 Om for handsfree detection
10CTMS / USB DATA+ CTMS / USB+ (data) - not used in K750
11CFMS / USB DATA- CFMS / USB- (data) - not used in K750
12Charge In Battery charge (+5V) - not used in K750
If you want to make a stereo converter with a SE socket, you should use pins 5 and 6. It may not work well with an amplifier due to low output i.e. just enough power for headphones . (May need pre-amp).
To make a stereo-amp using the cell phone you must shortcircuit pins 8 and 9. Then connect the outputs (L) (R) (GND) using pins 5 = (left), 6 = (right) and 9 = (GND).
Sony-Erisson Walkman original handset uses pins 2 (GND), 5 (Left) and 6 (Right).

(*) For incoming call answering short pin 3 and 4
Headset for S302 and similiar phones pinout: R pin 7, L pin 8, pin 11 is GND for both channels and probbably for microphone too. Active gain should be between 50 and 200 for LM386.